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Roll-Up Piano

Roll-Up Piano

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Practice Piano Anywhere With The Roll-Up Piano

This Roll-Up Digital Piano will go with you anywhereanytime

Traditional pianos/keyboards are enormous and cumbersome and may cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. Playing the piano is a great hobby that has been found to boost brain development, especially in young children. This implies that many people simply do not commit to learning due to a lack of room or fear of wasting money if the piano/keyboard is not used.

The Roll-Up Piano is ideal for people who aren't ready to invest thousands of dollars in a full-size piano/keyboard or who have limited room. Roll Up Piano can be used on any desk or flat surface to practice your favorite instrument.

Nurture A Passion For Music 


  • Perfect for Children and Beginners - Practice and improve while away from home keeping kids off addicting electronics. 

  • 49 Key Compact Design - Won't overwhelm new learners with too many keys and provides enough keys to play your favorite songs.

  • Multiple Playing Functions - Rhythm, drum, sound effects, and chord learning function keys allow you to play different sounds and master difficult chords.

  • 6 Built-In Songs - To get beginners an easy start and hooked on playing the piano.

  • Recording & Playback Functions - Record and playback functions so you can hear yourself back and constantly improve.

  • Compact & Lightweight Design - Roll up your educational piano and take it wherever you go keeping kids entertained and away from electronic devices on the road.

  • Built-in Speaker & 3 Headphone Jack - Play as loud as you want or keep things down privately with headphones and adjustable audio level.


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